Worodu is a new way to study languages and words lists on the web. Nectio is a partner of this joint venture and has created image and software of Worodu's public beta. On the software side we used Ruby on Rails, HAML, LESS and a lot of javascript and jQuery!

Portal del Rock

New version of spanish rock & metal magazine/community We made a new look and feel with a responsive design that adapts to multiple devices, and a well thought navigation architecture to make user experience and content discovery better. On the software side, we modified and extended intensively the core of Hero Framework, an open source CMS based on PHP, CodeIgniter and Smarty. We also implemented a "like" system and expect to extract useful intelligence and content recommendation for uses in the near future, using machine learning techniques.

Publienlaces is a advertisement afiliation platform for webmasters and advertisers built from the start by Nectio Labs, who also designed the site and company image. Right now it serves around 4.5 million banners a month, and growing. We used Ruby on Rails, jQuery, PHP and Silex.

Cadena de Cambios

Cadena de cambios (chain of changes) is a 2.0 startup aimed to make easy to exchange items or services between its users. From Nectio we developed an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and improve the initial user experience and design. We used an interesting mixture of open source technologies, like JRuby, Sinatra, Neo4J, Ruby on Rails, Sphinx and Aspell.

La Fine Mousse

La Fine Mousse is recently created craft beer bar located at the heart of Paris. Starting from the already existing corporative image from our client, we created a site using an interesting mixture of technologies like Rails, Sphinx, ActiveAdmin, Wordpress and the Mailchimp API, and we modelled a complex business logic that includes beers, hops, colours, bitternesses, breweries, bottles, images and events.

Algo que nunca te dije

Algo que nunca te dije is a web product that allows to save encrypted messages waiting to be sent to your loved ones in case of something tragic happens to you. We designed and developed this platform with Ruby on Rails and jQuery, interacting with Sepomo SMS payment gateway and Paypal.

Atendalia es a new startup providing day-care at home for dependant people. We designed their image, site and developed a custom CMS using CakePHP.


Ecomobility is a new retailer in Valencia for Abat Connection, one of the leaders in the electric vehicles manufacturing industry. We created their corporate image, logos and built a clean and eye-catching site, with a strong focus on responsiveness.


We created and prototyped this web tool in a joint venture with our friends from Ecomobility. EcoMoney is aimed to help users to visualize and record the money they save when using electric vehicles for their day to day trips, instead of fossil fuels.

Almed Levante

We created the corporate image and built a responsive site for Almed Levante, using Refinery and Ruby on Rails as content management system.


We designed logos and banners for this web project.

Accelerated projects

Liceo Hispano School

We re-designed Liceo Hispano School with a clean, easy to navigate design that speaks the spirit of the school. We worked on a well-thought information architecture to allow quick information retrieval from students, teachers and parents. We used jQuery, LESS and Wordpress.


We built a corporate site with Wordpress as CMS for this aluminium architecture studio in Valencia.

Feelings Book

We developed the corporate site for Feelings Book, a digital photography and printing studio, with Wordpress as its content management system.

Global Assets Management

We built a e-commerce store based on Magento for PMM Learning, an assets management consulting firm.


POES Report Generator

.NET desktop application written in C# that automated a wild range of data-importing tasks and report generation for a energy engineering firm. We had to make our code talk to Word, Excel and other windows APIs.

Energy Plus

We helped on this tool that Bosch sales employees used to create energy efficiency reports. Built with .NET and C#, we helped on some features like data validation, project serialization and PDF building.